Stigma Reduction

We use contact between people with and without the experience of mental illness to reduce stigma, mediated by a reduction in the anxiety each has about the other.

Exposure & Response Prevention Therapy (ERP) & Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) have shown to be invaluable in helping individuals recover from OCD. We use core principles of both therapies to confront anxiety about mental illness in the workplace. Organizations will need to foster an organizational culture that is supportive of mental health and psychosocial recovery.

Our greatest value-add is a shift in culture that does not shy away from engagement of mental issues, which may result in a more free-flow of discussion, openness, and eventual disclosure. 

1. For employees with the experience of mental illness

We'll start with the end in sight - each employee will identify a goal they would like to achieve following the completion of the workshop series. Keeping to that, we will identify avoidance behaviors, weigh advantages and disadvantages, clarify what a valued life looks like, and share all the tools to confront anxiety. This is a multi-day series.

2. For all employees

We will share tools and strategies in fostering mental health equality and literacy. This is a multi-day series that will equip all employees with relevant strategies to not only reduce stigma, but to foster a more supportive organizational culture. 

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