We will replicate the MANAS trial in a small-scale pilot in Uganda. We will collaborate with 2 primary health centers, employ 3 lay health counsellors with the supervision and quality assurance of 1 clinical specialist in the hope of serving hundreds of people. The MANAS trial was a striking example of community led healthcare with several distinguishing impacts.

  1. 70% of afflicted patients recovered within 6 months
  2. 36% reduction in suicide attempts/plans over 12 months
  3. 7.3 additional days free of depression and/or anxiety over 12 months

To say that we were inspired is an understatement. 


August - October 2017

We will spend the first 2 months learning with the community to better understand needs and wants. We will begin to identify primary health centers and physicians, recruit lay health counsellors, find a clinical specialist, and make connections with other stakeholders. 

October - December 2017

We will finalize pilot project stakeholders and run a 2 month training to prepare lay health counsellors to assume overall non-drug treatment. Primary care physicians and clinical specialist will be informed on their responsibilities. All major pieces will be in place for launch in November 2017. 

December 2017 - August 2018

We will screen patients and ensure those who meet the selection criteria are met with a range of simple to complex treatments in a step by step fashion for a total of 6 months. Our goal is sustained improvement and discharge of the patient.

Our Dream

Our hope is to scale this model globally, and we are hedging our bets that our pilot program in Uganda will provide us the learning, connections, and resources to bring it to the masses. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. This is our first step.