Pavel Reppo - Founder & CEO

Pavel is a social entrepreneur. He has a thirst for travel. He is in recovery from OCD and believes in the power of community care in offering poignant mental health services. He is happy to share that mindfullwe's story started from a single email to global mental health guru, Vikram Patel. 

Moses Standing.JPG

Moses Wankiiri - Co-Investigator

Moses is the Senior Lecturer of Adult and Mental Health Nursing at the Aga Khan University and the Executive Director/Founder of the Community Psychiatric Support Organization. Moses lends credibility, experience, and a vast amount of knowledge.  

Eugene Kinyanda.png

Eugene Kinyanda - Collaborator

Professor Kinyanda is a senior investigator scientist and head of the mental health project at the MRC/UVRI Uganda Research Unit on AIDS. He has undertaken research into the psychiatric and psychosocial complications of HIV/AIDS among adults amassing more than 40 publications in peer reviewed journals. He will offer his expertise and advising.

David Basangwa.gif

David Basangwa - Mental Health Specialist

Dr. Basangwa is a Senior Consultant Psychiatrist and the Executive Director of Butabika National Referral Hospital - the mental health national referral hospital for the entire country of Uganda. He will provide oversight and quality assurance.

Rainee Taylor.png

Rainee Taylor - Digital Strategy Lead

Rainee believes that that we can create a better world when we leverage the power of emerging technology and old-school storytelling. She is passionate about breaking down the stigma around mental health — and is honored to be leveraging her experience in marketing to help lead mindfullwe's digital strategy.